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DD #114: TV kills 06


Montag, 27. April 2009

Sonntag, 26. April 2009

DD #112: TV kills 05


Samstag, 25. April 2009

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DD #110: TV kills 04


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DD #106: Line Face

Today Otl Aicher made me realize how complex content can be split up in atomic elements. In his book "typographie" (written both in german / english) he discusses a special writing system phenomenon: while in egypt the first readable scripts consist of pictograms (one meaning one word) in mesopotamia they started to use 'graphemes', the first letters which actually consisted of different structures of only one single wedge line. the wedge line is the only element for the sumerian writer to define a letter which defines a word in combination with others which finally defines content.

... And this phenomenon is visually appliable:

Sonntag, 19. April 2009

DD #105: The Struggle for Sense

The actual inflation of styles and movements in contemporary art force young artists to invent new ways and views on creation to gain uniqueness and an ever lasting memory.

Samstag, 18. April 2009

DD #104: TV kills 03

The ceremony of 'tele-destruktion'.
A family after ritually destroying the chains of mass mental manipulation: television.

Freitag, 17. April 2009

DD #103: TV kills 02

Continuing the fresh project from yesterday. This time I wanted to visualize the inactivity and dullness caused by watching TV the whole day. You and your environment loose every reality and meaning and all that matters is that strange perfect colourful world shown in the screen. -- They call me the merchant of doom / Don't worry. ;)

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

DD #102: TV kills 01

Today I'm going to start another serial project concerning the scrapping of TV screens in some kind of ritual fanatical way. It's just fictional - I know, everyone loves to have and watch TV. I will use these illustrations to create some little but clever booklet.

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009


100 Posts, 100 Days. Strike!

This whole project was like being Tom Hanks being stuck on a lonely island ('Cast Away'). I had to escape and find the unique drawing skill out there on the sea. Step by step I found my way to improvement, to new levels. The first days I had less skill and lot tasks to begin with. Little successes held me above the surface and gave me motivation. More than time or reasons I needed muse and will. Those never let me wait for too long, so it always had to go on. I started to figure out several tactics to self-control, to push myself. I found serial projects and theme groups to work on and advance the variety in daily doodling. Those were the basis for my raft to elope from the island. The first waves were hard but the more I went on the easier it felt. Now I'm here, willing and free on the bright sea. This is an important milestone and I don't know what comes next - I just keep on and watch out for new shores to conquer. Hurray.

At this point I need to mention Mr. Cosmic, who helped me mastering my first obstacles and motivated me as a master of the subject to follow his way. By his defeating critiques I developed a crazy will to make him trust in my qualities. Sometimes I thought this will was bigger than the will to draw itself, just an infant demonstration. Whatever it was, now I'm here and content with the mission. I can tell, doing something complex daily makes you grow up, get wise about.

DD #101: Shut Your Face

When someone talks shit and also looks just like it, I tend to whish him / her to shut his / her face. Just shut it! Well, here is what I ended up with following my imagination.

Dienstag, 14. April 2009

DD #100: Strike

Trophy cup: Toey did his homework. Mama shall be proud of him.

Montag, 13. April 2009

DD #99: 'Barukalek' Portrait 01

2nd task: draw portraits as him being angry, happy, victorious, wounded, fighting.

Sonntag, 12. April 2009

DD #98: Su. Special: Beast

We all know the animal part of the human brain, which has certain moments to come up and take control over body and mind. Those moments wake the beast. In medieval times it was unchained on the battlefield, today it is used to thrash guitars, growl and shout on stage.
/ Those illustrations visualize the alienation from human to the beast.

Samstag, 11. April 2009

Freitag, 10. April 2009

Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

DD #95: 'Barukalek' Re-Opening

One year ago Mr. Cosmic from outer space (UK) delegated the fictive job of designing the fantasy dwarf character 'Barukalek' as a game character concept to me for simulating standard and process in a real production pipeline.

Therefore he worte me this briefing: Barukalek is a 103 years old dwarf who has fought on many battlefields and always succeeded. He is known for his mercilessness and rude brutality. As a passionate fiddler his special feature is the violin, which also helped him in lots of battles. There is something about this unique violin.

1st task: create a model sheet, the basic character design layout.
2nd task: draw portraits as him being angry, happy, victorious, wounded, fighting.
3rd task: draw poses: a) standing, victorious, arms raised b) standing, left hand on right shoulder
4th task: proportional comparison sheet with human, elf, ogre and urtangu.

Note: take heed of the consistency through all images of the dwarf, do not change attributes within process. Each attribute should be applied to his visual identity; the sum of all shown details has to tell the dwarf's story and personality wordlessly.

/ Well and today I started to reopen the unfinished project by starting with step 2, the portraits. It's funny to work on material made by oneself from such time distance.

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Dienstag, 7. April 2009

DD #93: girls

Dear Girls, I'm sorry for neglecting your beauty in the last weeks and today I prove here that the femme is still 'fatale'. The first ones I sketched without reference and then I visited good old Posemaniacs for checking my process since my last PM session. I think since I saw the Mentler studies my refless girls are quite graceful.

Montag, 6. April 2009

DD #92: Knockout Pose 01

I noticed the hyper-realistic physics on environment colliding corpses in state-of-the-art video games, called 'ragdoll' system. The results look like jointless puppets / 'dolls' - giving digital death a bizarre and slightly funny tone. In reality ragdoll-like poses appear under moments of no body control - like fainting or lifelessly moving.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

DD #91: Free Poses

No concept, no initial thoughts. Again, I started with bubbles ... and human figures turned out!

Samstag, 4. April 2009

DD #90: Mouths

While working on some character studies I noticed my bad face expression skills and the importance of a correct mouth area to pricesely hit the wanted expressin. Here is my warm-up with lot of photo ref.

Freitag, 3. April 2009

Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

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